Sky / Palo Duro Canyon

I’ve photographed this lovely young lady twice now, and my my my, how she shines.  There’s a bright future awaiting beautiful Sky.

The biggest compliment you can give me is hiring me to photograph you twice.  (or three or four or 10 times.)  🙂


sky2014_20140612_2686logo sky2014_20140612_2696logo sky2014_20140612_2734logosky2014_20140612_2774logo  sky2014_20140612_2786logo sky2014_20140612_2792logo sky2014_20140612_2712logo sky2014_20140612_2796logo sky2014_20140612_2834logo sky2014_20140612_2884logo sky2014_20140612_2932logo sky2014_20140612_2968logosky2014_20140612_2649logo sky2014_20140612_2620logo sky2014_20140612_2718logo sky2014_20140612_2916logo sky2014_20140612_2927bwlogo sky2014_20140612_2936logo


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