Life isn’t always easy.  I don’t mean those days when you spill your coffee or you’re late or you don’t get something you wanted.  I mean the valleys in life when everything seems to be a step off.  You’re a puzzle piece but nothing around you fits.  It’s these times in life that leave the particularly sensitive individual (….me) left spinning, wondering how things got so mixed up.  I’ve posted about it before, but I’ll write it again.  Dita said it best: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”  I take everything too personally.  I can’t let criticism just roll off my back…. I end up covered in it.  It’s things like these that make me wonder whether I was cut out for this world, but it’s too late to ask for a refund now.  Guess I’ll just take the ride.

Let me paint a picture of the behind the scenes of this photo shoot:  freezing cold.  windy.  camera malfunction.  Not the ideal for any photo shoot, let alone a model’s first solo photo shoot ever.  She handled the elements with such grace…. as a matter of fact, in some of the shots, I had to take out tears rolling down her face as a result of the wind!  But you’d never be able to tell.  She kept her face beautiful and calm throughout…. and the result is amazing.

She’s got a bright future ahead, no doubt.

skylar2012_20130126_1414 skylar2012_20130126_1287 skylar2012_20130126_1280 skylar2012_20130126_1268 skylar2012_20130126_1262 skylar2012_20130126_1315 skylar2012_20130126_1328 Skylar2013_20130126_1792 Skylar2013_20130126_1823 Skylar2013_20130126_1821 Skylar2013_20130126_1814 skylar2013_20130126_1503 skylar2013_20130126_1496 skylar2013_20130126_1452 skylar2013_20130126_1569 Skylar2013_20130126_1738 Skylar2013_20130126_1803 Skylar2013_20130126_1797 Skylar2013_20130126_1765-copy skylar2013_20130126_1437 skylar2012_20130126_1366 skylar2013_20130126_1424 skylar2012_20130126_1393 skylar2013_20130126_1563


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