An event in Life that’s changed me?  Well, I guess these days it feels like everything changes me somehow.  I feel malleable, except not in a good “Play-Doh” kind of way, where you change shape for a second but can easily go back to how you were.  It’s more like I’m a pot of molten metal and with each event, big or small, good or bad, a piece cools and becomes a permanent a reflection of that.  There are smooth beautiful spheres where I got good feedback on a job or even got a compliment on my appearance; and there are sharp, jagged, uneven pieces that come from rejection and self-doubt, and cut anyone who tries to come close. These pieces are Unchangeable without a LOT of effort…. To “fix” it I’d basically have to go back into the fire and Allow myself to be melted back into nothing and then reformed. OR, I could learn to love the shape I’m in.  Slowly but surely add curves to former edges by accepting myself and allowing that at the end of my life, I may be lopsided, imperfect, full of re-dos and second tries…. but I am a piece of Art that no one else could have made, and that in itself is enough.

I wrote the above piece in response to a question posted on the “Angry Therapist” forums.  I joined Team Angry a month ago, and it’s been an outlet that I’ve grown to really appreciate.  It’s not only a way to have access to a therapist that can help you process life, it’s a whole community of people that are there to inspire and lift each other up.  You can even join and keep your identity secret.  It’s all up to you.  I’ve been writing more and more thanks to the forums, and I highly recommend joining if you need a place or motivation or for help getting through things that you can’t scale alone.


build your container.



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