the starting line

I read somewhere that true love is seeing the very ugliest part of a person, and forgiving it; it’s being wronged, but moving on and loving them anyway, with the understanding that we’re all have ugly bits and pieces, and Love means more than leaving because your significant other has a metaphorical “bad hair day”.  I believe that, wholeheartedly.  But I also believe that you won’t ever really understand what that means until you’ve been on both sides of it.  Until you’ve being the one forgiving and also the one forgiven.  Being on both sides means the one forgiving knows not to hold someone hostage for their faults, half-forgiven and half serving jail time.  The one forgiven knows that they need to work that much harder to make sure that that fault doesn’t hurt their Love again, to be vigilant in securing the relationship’s future.  This is known because having been on both sides, you understand what you would have wanted in the other person’s position.

Yet, sometimes the hardest part of it all is learning to forgive yourself, and to move forward when all seems to broken beyond repair.  Today could be the day that you look back on as the starting line to the end of the best race you’ve ever run…. you only have to make it that way.  Hold tight to each other.  Do your best to do no harm to others.  And Love hard.  Even if it means you might be destroyed in the end.

It’s either a sun-rise or a sun-set.  The good news is: it can be whatever you want it to be.  It’s all in how you choose to see.



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