Photography forces me to look at things from every angle, to inspect and to figure out. Not only my subject, but myself. I watch others interact, and I’m moved to capture it as a photo, and to capture that feeling in my own life. It’s the most bizarre thing, that just by taking a photo, you can identify a quality in someone else that you never even knew you wanted.  That beauty can be found in even the smallest of hand movement, the quickness of a smile, or the relaxation of a touch.

The subjects of this photo session are photographers themselves. I met Noemi years ago over mutual Westie love, and taking photos of her beautiful family now is an honor; and so fun! I even recruited my incredibly talented and amazing friend Drew ( to hand paint a background on the free wall in Amarillo. This session was such a physical reminder of how much I’ve gained in the past year… friendships, experiences, love. I’m grateful for all of it.

You can find Noemi and Amos’ photography here:

noemi&amos_20121125_6339 noemi&amos_20121125_6319 noemi&amos_20121125_6314 noemi&amos_20121125_6303 noemi&amos_20121125_6296 noemi&amos_20121125_6286 noemi&amos_20121125_6267 noemi&amos_20121125_6346 noemi&amos_20121125_6406 noemi&amos_20121125_6432 noemi&amos_20121125_6462 noemi&amos_20121125_6454 noemi&amos_20121125_6440 noemi&amos_20121125_6510 noemi&amos_20121125_6505 noemi&amos_20121125_6493 noemi&amos_20121125_6568 noemi&amos_20121125_6603 noemi&amos_20121125_6669 noemi&amos_20121125_6672 noemi&amos_20121125_6252 noemi&amos_20121125_6236 noemi&amos_20121125_6154 noemi&amos_20121125_6136 noemi&amos_20121125_6080 noemi&amos_20121125_6067 noemi&amos_20121125_6036 noemi&amos_20121125_6031 noemi&amos_20121125_6013bw noemi&amos_20121125_6009 hearts noemi&amos_20121125_5988 noemi&amos_20121125_5934 noemi&amos_20121125_5910


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