Los Angeles is the most art filled city I’ve ever lived in.  I guess that’s not saying much coming from a small town Texas girl, but I am struck everyday with what people create out here.  On walls, and rock, on the street, in trash, lit up, layered upon.  It’s got this reckless abandon quality… it’s just out there, created with the knowledge that it could be destroyed hours later.  There’s no insistence of permanence in it, and I think that’s such a beautiful thing.  Anyone can go to a museum, but you actually have to be present in both body and mind to experience these, because they’re here today, gone tomorrow.  Sometimes without even a photo to document.

I feel so honored to spend my days experiencing it…  and that’s exactly the way I felt about every day on the Violent Waves tour.  It’s not often that, as a photographer, you get to be on a tour that has not only 4 bands you like as people, but as musicians.  I watched every single band every single night.  I posted photos of the first band, O’Brother, last week.  Here is the second part:

Balance and Composure

Find them here:

If you only hear one song: Quake
My favorites? Echo / Patience

I wanna shake you like a magic 8 ball and see what you have to say;
Your eyes keep telling me to try again another day.
But I’m not patient enough for this game.
You’re letting me get away.

I’ll hold you in my hand,
I’ll stare my intentions
until they bleed into your mind.
Turn your limps into clay.
See things my way,
See things my way.

Hide and seek,
Through hallways and hands
And make believes and pretends.
I think I can read what your body language is telling me;
But then again maybe I’m actually illiterate; and this is nothing it could be.

You’re as stiff as stone
And I’m standing here alone;
I know.
I’ll see things your way,
I see things you way.

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