the art of influence

I felt like I was walking straight, but then you smiled, and I felt my body turn 90 degrees.
Or was that the earth?  The entire plain of me?
Up turned and downside up; not your typical blender-beaten heart.
My every synapse responds to your melody, it’s like your words are plugged in deep in the side of me.
Never stop singing, little bird, or it might mean the death of me.

You have the power to decide whose influence rains on you.  You can make the decisions needed to keep negativity out of your heart, and if you find yourself magnetically attracted to something you shouldn’t be, degauss that b*.  Life is too short to move to the wrong beat.

These are behind the scenes photos of a new music video directed by my amazingly talented roommate Dannel Escallon.  I absolutely love being able to be involved in his many projects… from talent to photography to AC.  I hit the jackpot with him.  He’s one of the best people I know.  The band is called Night Verses, and the song is Be Happy With Yourself, I’m Staying Here In Hell.

Check out the video here:


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