Walking through Los Angeles lends itself to learning.  More about yourself, more about the people around you, more about Life.  The ground is littered with residues of addition, thrown cigarette filters, glass bottles, sprawled figures; discarded furniture filled with memories, their vibes radiating onto the concrete, changing the feel of the wind with each piece passed.  During a recent outing with a beautiful friend from back home, I noticed her way of saying hi to everyone, and realized with shock that Hollywood living has taken it’s toll on me.  Living in a place where eye contact is taken as an invitation and a simple hi incites a barrage of “sign up for this!” “join my cause!” or worse, “sleep with me!” is tough.  Being a single female in this crazy town means having to have a level of awareness… and travel with a weapon of some sort.  I was thinking about this during my run today, and how I didn’t want fear of a bad interaction to keep me from connecting to the world around me.  Headphones in, hood up is how I usually travel.  I looked up and saw a girl. A warm smile, a slight head nod.  I thought, “This is a chance” and took my headphones off.  She smiled and said, “Do you want to join the peace movement today?”


People in LA, for the most part, don’t smile at each other unless it comes laced with venom and bad intentions.  It comes loaded with a question… “What can you do for me?”  An extra buck, the right connection, a signature.  It can’t be everyone, it’s just the norm.  But how do you weed out the good from the bad?  A people strainer?  Let the juice filter through and hold back the bad seeds?  And how do you keep from turning into a bad seed yourself?

Things I’m thinking about. And to counter balance, the rest of the post will be filled with good seeds only.  These are photos of the always amazing All American Rejects, at the Clifton Park stop on their spring tour.


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