so you bloomed.  you’re a mediocre flower, the kind some would call a weed, but you’re mostly left alone for lack of desire to move you. 

the world rushes by, without a glance, for your colors are no different from the one planted next.

so you dry.  without motivation to reach for the sky, you slowly decide it’s maybe time to give up, die.

dying (drying) is an upsetting task, it’s seems to take too long, you over-last.  nature takes it’s course.  the once boring at best petals fall from your body; all pretense, hope, covering falls aside.  You’re laid bare, in front of a world that saw your color, but didn’t care.

Then; a peculiar thing happens.  You feel it, coming up from your roots and bursting into a beautiful, light sphere, all your ideas, and desires taking flights with the lack of fear.  You’re not like the rest of them; no.  Your creativity takes seed and each one develops into it’s a parachute dream.  It’s beautiful.  The warm wind hits just right and suddenly, afloat! Little pieces of you, once ignored under a coat of bore, now catching light and flying playfully toward fertile ground.  Your ideas are spreading. 

The ground hits again.  It feels hard.  You’ve been here before.  Nothing left to do, but grow.

These photos are of a very talented and very sweet lady who lives in the great city of Nashville.  I’ve always liked taking head shots, but it was particularly refreshing to take some of a girl who was so down-to-earth and just overall lovely.    It was a pleasure working with you, Brooke, and much love and luck sent your way!


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  1. ysfaye says:

    I agree with you about success. The path to it is not a bed of roses.

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