1. The period of time now occurring.
  2. A thing given to someone as a gift: “a Christmas present”.

It’s a word with two very distinct meanings.  My current life “workbook” if you will is filled with exercises dealing with teaching me to live in the present; in the moment.  My head space is filled with comfortable furniture and a fridge full of snack food (which tends to fuel whatever tangent my brain decides to pursue…); making it easy to set up residence there.  It translates to me seemingly uninterested in whatever is happening around me, which translates to neglected relationships.  Living in the moment is something I’ve only ever been able to fully do when I’m at the top of the roller coaster right as it lets me drop, or when the feeling of love so overcomes me that it overflows in giggles and waves of energy coming out my eyeballs.  I’m learning to take each moment and allow myself to really feel it before I start to consider what it means, instead of letting my head run off with a phrase and all the places it could lead.

It’s working.
The other definition of the word deals in the giving of gifts.  Personally, my favorite feeling is finding the perfect present that will make someone feel at the same time so loved and so understood that the actual tangible thing is replaced by the feeling it brings.  I’ve been given so many great gifts in my life, but none tops this one.  Recently, Chris went out the country for work, and was gone for almost two months.  Time change, lack of sleep (on both ends), adjusting to different cultures (for him), and to him being gone (for me), and overall just the lack of physical interaction was pretty tough, but being that we’re both from states known for handling business, (Texas and Oklahoma, of course), we weathered it just like you do any other tornado or thunderstorm.  In his travels, he brought me back a gift.  The back story to this present is that I’ve just moved into a new place California with no furniture or decor, and I’m working on making it more comfy.  He asked how I liked it and I mentioned that the sun comes into my window early and wakes me up, but I kind of love it, because waking up early isn’t necessarily my strong suit.  Armed with only that knowledge, he asked a friend to secretly measure my window and then visited the Lace Market in Nottingham and picked out the most beautiful lace I’ve ever seen, meant to cover my window, but still let the light in.  The perfect gift.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Here are some photos of the most adorable little boy… as always, (if I like you) I’m available for almost any kind of shoot there is.  Email imcolleenallison@gmail.com for details.


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