what it really means

Have you ever had a dream that is so vivid that when you wake up, you view the people involved differently? It’s so bizarre… and it’s been happening to me nightly. Maybe it’s just that so many things in my life feel like they’re on sinking sand… moving soon, free lance jobs (never knowing where you’ll be working next week… or if; money coming in whenever it feels like it… exciting but also a bit precarious), still making a decision on car, best friend overseas for what seems like forever; I guess it could be those things, and my subconscious trying to reconcile how I really feel about people and events in my life. Or maybe It’s my brain producing, directing, and performing in it’s own movie.

I lay my head down, move the pillows the resemble your chest,
I could really do without this motion’s subtleness,
The shadows on my wall are 10 feet tall;
And I could really do without missing you like I do right now.

There was one in particular. I’m still reeling from the experience.
That ever happen to you?

Here are photos from a shoot with my friend Sammy for his project called “Sea is for Sailors”. I’ve shot him a few times now and it’s always a pleasure.


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