puppy love.

I think I’ve probably addressed this before, but it’s so relevant to me, I’m going to do it again. Puppy love. Not the kind involving less than 20 year olds and hormonal based feeling and clumsy arms tangled in clumsy arms… I’m talking the kind that wakes you up with a warm left side, showers you in unconditional love (which never fades, but DOES maybe increase a little when you’re holding chicken treats or a rope bone…), and covers you in clumsy kisses meant to miss their mark. I’m typing this with one hand currently, Slow pace and stretching to hit capitals and punctuation (so y’all better appreciate the effort… haha) all because my right hand is busy laid over the little bundle of fur currently cuddling my right side. He woke me up this morning with a nuzzle and an imploring stare… dogs will always tell you what they want, if you really listen. They’re always happy to see you, just for the simple fact that you exist. Oh, crap. Just got a notification that my computer has 10 minutes left of battery, but you know I’m not getting up to charge it. To be continued…….

Several days later, I’m returning to this post. My computer died while writing the above (as I’m sure you guessed) and I didn’t mind at all. This week I went swimming at a friend’s house and they have two dogs. As we approached the pool, they began running laps around it, tails wagging. As soon as we jumped in, they did too. I’ve never had a dog that willingly would get in water before… so for me, it was pretty incredible. That’s when I decided dogs are land dolphins, by the way. So happy and loving, with a tendency to hump. Hahahaha.
Dogs, man. They’re so good for my heart.

and of course, a few of my little sunshines…

oooooh! There’s nothing better in the whole world than puppy love!!! 🙂


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  1. Marcela says:

    Yes, they are good for your heart, but also your soul:)

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