flying is impossible when you’re weighed down with baggage.

Airlines have the right idea.

I’m talking baggage.

Everyone has it. You’ve gotta travel with the things that provide you comfort, happiness, and a way to pass the time. Let’s call that “good baggage”. It’s needed, and nice, and not too heavy, and equipped with special straps and buckles that distributes the weight nice and evenly. But what happens when we over pack a bit? Maybe throw in a pair of shoes we don’t really need “just in case?”… (a back-up, if you will.)

It happens. And it’s ok, but there’s gotta be a limit. One carry on, one personal item. After that, you’ve gotta start charging. The truth is, you don’t need that second pair of black heels. You love the first pair you brought, they aren’t going to break, and if by some chance they do, it was probably the universe’s way of telling you they were going to kill your feet, causing you to take them off and walk barefoot, causing you to get Tetnus and die. (Not to be confused with Tetrus, which is awesome.) I’m just saying. You have everything you need, why are you over packing?

How much baggage do you travel with? I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. And how much can you afford to pay before the person you’re traveling with says,


Don’t be complacent when consolidating your baggage. Don’t keep things hanging on that should have ended long ago. And above all, don’t, in an effort to carry around the second pair of heels and your back-up headphones, lose the bag that holds what really matters.

These are photos of my lovely friend, Austen. Also an amazingly talented photographer, with a knack for making people laugh and always being enthusiastic, even if she’s not having the best day. I love her a lot, and I love that her beautiful heart shines so bright in these photos. ❀

Find her here:
(again, we're metaphorical with the words "find her". Please don't find and stalk my friend Austen… unless you're packing banners, fireworks, and churros) πŸ˜‰


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