You don’t have to sting, Honeybee.

Everyday, I go for a run.  It’s the way I make my brain quiet down and focus for the day ahead.  And at the end of my run, is a coffee shop.  I stop in, grab a coffee, and slowly/quietly walk home.  This is where I reflect.  I think about all the good things in my life, how to maintain those good things, and how to turn around or cut out those things that aren’t good. I take photos on my iPhone and I write.

Yesterday, as I was walking, I saw this amazing arrangement of flowers, so I stopped to smell them (mostly metaphorically)… but upon further examination, I noticed bees flying from color to color.  My first reaction was to tense up… see, I’ve never been actually stung by a bee, and I’d like to keep it that way.  In that next moment, though, I had another thought.  Bees don’t needlessly sting, because one sting means the end of a life.  It’s a last resort, only as a final cry before the end of the story.  I think if we regarded stinging other people the way a honeybee does, we’d probably all be a lot happier.  A lesson I need to learn, as well.  Is getting angry or mean worth it?  If so, by all means, sting away; just know that you do so at the sake of your own grace and character.
Verdict: not worth it.  It might feel good for a second, but what do you really gain?  Something to think about.

Speaking of bees, (man, this is a great segue…) I got to shoot a show a few weeks back that is particularly close to my heart.  I’ve spent the last year getting to see the process of an amazing album being created, and it finally released less than a month ago.  I can honestly say, all bias aside, I love it.  The record is called Kids in the Street, and the first single is “Beekeeper’s Daughter”. (Get it, and my blog was about bees… didn’t even plan that.  Serendipity.)  You can get the record on itunes here:

Here are photos from the first show on the Kids in the Street tour at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA.


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