a certain side of stranger.

One of my favorite things about photography is when I get the opportunity to shoot the same subject more than once.  There is so much connection for me, that goes into my pressing the shutter… I’m not just taking a photograph, I want to take some of a person’s goodness, their brightness, and put it on a page; so that by seeing this thing I’ve created, you get to know a certain side of a stranger.

This is my second time to shoot Oklahoma based DJ duo Kids at the Bar.  Fresh off a tour with The Sounds, I met up with them in their hometown to do some new promos.  Great dudes, great tunes.  This particular shoot was frenzied because the original concept was to do an outdoor, magic hour shoot with natural lighting…. but time ran out and the sun went down, so we improvised.  It just goes to show that sometimes great things are born of necessity, and I’m really happy with the way these turned out.

This last month has marked many changes for me in life.  I’ve decided to pursue passion, wholeheartedly.  As happens most times, when the idea for writing plants it my mind, the subject starts haunting me.  People wear masks in life.  And sometimes, it’s a scary thing when they come off.  Sometimes you’re wearing one and you don’t even realize it (like me, hiding behind my metaphors, I guess); and sometimes you put one on and tie it so tight in an attempt to hide from the monsters living behind your own eyes.  In any of these cases, the Light that comes blinding through once the mask comes off hurts, but at the same time, opens things up.  It refining by Fire, and I’m aiming for pure gold.

you made a pin-sized hole in my heart,
that was once so whole, I didn’t notice you start.
Weaseled your way and began eating from the inside out.
Now nothing can fill this shell that’s left,
You’re a parasite, but if you left,
I’d be empty,
you’ve made yourself necessary,
I’m trapped in your games,
selfish way,
I want out.

But like a hollow shell,
a balloon deflated,
once empty your choices are leave and see hell,
or stay, sedated.

choose to face fear over pretending it isn’t here.


One Comment Add yours

  1. rayannsom says:

    I agree about the masks people tend to wear..whether even realizing it or not I think we all wear them from time-to-time.

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