bury your dead.

I’ve heard playlists are the way to show people who you really are these days, so with that in mind, I present to you, live from my living room…. the symphony that plays in my head as I type this:

1. Big Mistake – Anthony Green
2. Nighttiming – Coconut Records
3. Lead Poisoning – Alkaline Trio
4. Sink – Brand New
5. Simple Math – Manchester Orchestra
6. White Blank Page – Mumford & Sons
7. The Last Lost Continent – La Dispute
8. Lose Your Soul – Dead Man’s Bones
9. Somebody I Used to Know – Goyte
10. I Felt Free – Circa Survive

(Only to be listened to in order, please; come feel the rise and fall with me… like my chest is indignant, then heavy, then collapsed, then ok, then resigned to the lies that were yesterday and the Truth that is tomorrow; and eventually, flying away with a song and unclipped wings.)

everything in my life is congested
just the way you left it;
still, there’s something freeing in these tears
my face,
like trophies, mirroring ones you gained,
through electronic word,
or worse;
through lies that when discovered,
discovered me,
crumbled on the bathroom floor.

I’m finally writing again,
but what’s even the point in it;
attempting feats? making the unmoving move,
the unfeeling, feel?
an insurmountable task for just two hands and one pen.

i’m awake to greet the sun,
i feel like i’m the only one.

colleen means “little girl”,
and i’ve never felt more like one.

if you look closely enough, the story always develops.


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