This is my friend, Brittany.  We met in Wichita, KS playing soccer for Newman University…. both freshman, both just asking for trouble.  (and oh, trust me, we found it!).  She is beautiful and amazing and lovely and I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t get to know her.  Kidding, sorta, but seriously, she rules.

Brittanyyyyyy…… I LOVE you. 😉


i made a calculated decision
to wear you to sleep,
and as i drifted into brightness,
you danced around my dreams,
and oh, God, i chased you,


i ended up on a street alone,
way past midnight; another drone.
only taxis and zombies passed me by,
drunken from alcohol, love, lust, lies.

I wondered what it’d be like to fly.

and there you were again,
snuck in through the cracks in my skin,
on the backside of a strong wind.
you smiled like an earthquake.

my body was left tossed on the floor,
my soul raced around the air,
begging for more.

(did you see it, too; did you feel me, beside you?)


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