you’ve got me all wrong; but you’ve got me.

it smelled like you outside last night,
young / fresh / exotic..
i thought about what it’d be like it I forgot it,
or maybe i already did…
and i’m just making the circumstances fit my desire.

like maybe i’m creative in my own reality
and you’re there, in the wind,
and the pixels,
and the way the trees bend just like you when you’re reaching for my…

my man.
my world moves to fit you,
like waves sway to accommodate tide change.
i’m ashamed, to be so moved.
i’m moved, to be so alight.
oh, I’m alright, like stars, taking flight.

and even if only in verse,
You’re mine tonight.

And on the photo end:

I’d like to share a slideshow from a wedding I shot recently.  It’s close to my heart, and that’s crazy, since this is a couple I’d never met before showing up to shoot their wedding day.  This wedding had so much love in it, so much genuine adoration and respect.  And, the couple are both book lovers, just like me! People have told me in the past that I shouldn’t mix my personal blog and my business, but it’s always been my belief that I want people to know me, and like me, before hiring me. My best work comes out of genuine relationships with my clients, and without it, the fun and passion and drive is lost. Beck told me that she and Michele had read my blog and seen that I loved books as they were making their choice of wedding photographers. I love that so much 🙂  Congratulations, Michele and Beck.  Y’all are amazing together.

Michele & Beck.


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