the truth.

I’m gonna let y’all in on a little secret of mine….. I mostly hate shooting weddings. It’s stressful, and crazy, and long days and nights. SO much pressure, so many people to worry about pleasing and in the days of “everyone’s a photographer”, 3 cousins and an uncle who are trying to shoot in your space, making things take longer, messing up your white balance and exposure with their flashes, and telling everyone how THEY should have been hired, for better and cheaper photos. This is why I only take a very, very select few of the ones that are offered me. On the small occasion that I click with a couple, or feel connected to them in some way, I’ll go ahead and book. And the ones I do shoot… man. When they are good, they are REALLY good. On these moments, I love shooting Love.  This couple is absolutely lovely. Looking through the photos, choosing the best ones, I found myself smiling at the screen, just at the apparent love and absolute joy you can see in both of their eyes. Coupled with a beautiful location, and a small group of some very genuine people, it was a pretty magical event. Congrats to Tyson and Elin (and little Sally!). Thanks for letting me be a part of something so lovely 🙂

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In other news, I’ve become rather attached to this one chair at the Coffee Bean in my neighborhood…. you know, when you sit somewhere a few times, and then one day you show up, and someone’s sitting in it… you get this irrational feeling of anger that someone would sit in what is CLEARLY your seat?  Hahaha, I can feel it coming on.  For now, we’re all good.  Just me and this little birdie (I’m calling it “Cheep”) telling me all your best kept secrets.  You shoulda been more careful. ❤


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  1. Mary Royers says:

    The whole “everyone’s a photographer” thing is DEFINITELY an annoyance at weddings. I mean, I’m an amateur photographer and I know it. My dinky little canon rebel is the cheapest body I could buy, and my lenses are nothing.. at weddings even I know better than to get in the way of the hired pro. I’ve seen people interfere with point and shoots, and my mind is absolutely blown. They must not realize how much they get in the way, or maybe their own egos are the problem. Who knows, the point is from amateur photographer to a pro, I apologize on behalf of my sometimes unknowning kind 😛

    Great photos. These people (even the friends) are clearly a warm, happy, and hilarious group of folks!

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