something beautiful, something mean.

i hate to start with what could be perceived as negativity, but I present:

A Brief List of Things I Hate”

1. being hungry

2. being cold

3. sleeping alone

4. people touching me (if i don’t know them)


To address the other points: this week I had the amazing pleasure of joining Beth and Darin, as well as some others, in Mexico for a beautiful wedding.  This resort was all-inclusive… all you can eat, all the time, whenever you want.  I was in heaven.  Like, you can order dessert 6 times in a row, and they have to bring it to you.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.  Also, the weather was toasty and humid…. I actually quite liked it.  So I wasn’t cold, or hungry, but as for number 3….. well let me just say I’ve woken up every night at least once to me caressing my own arm, stomach, leg, etc.  Which ties in number 4…. I hate being touched, unless I know the person.  Apparently I’m in dire need of a sleeping buddy.  For now, my pillows will have to do.  But life really isn’t so bad, when you only dealing with half of the things on your hate list, right?  hahaha 🙂

And speaking of Mexico, you know you’re addicting to micro-blogging when you keep tweeting without internet access, just in written form.  Yes, I did that.  And here it is, it all it’s glory:

first flight out of the country. this plane looks like Spring Break 1999 meets class of 1969 high school reunion.

landed. turns out i took 5 years of spanish just to choke the first time a native speaker starts a conversation. “hola, como estas?” “(blank stare. creepy smile. sporadic nodding.)” oops!

immigration just told me i can’t be allowed into the country… something about being dangerous for Mexican men and no place to declare “hearts” on a customs form. can’t figure out if he’s serious or not…

ok but seriously, it should be illegal to joke around while carrying an automatic weapon bigger than my head.  we cool, though.  onward!

arrived at the resort.  little boy playing soccer in the lobby kicked me the ball. so sweet.  i think i’d like to be a parent someday.

free room upgrade.  this place is 4 times the size of me and Dannel’s place.  Feels like wasted space.

found an english channel with spanish subtitles.  I keep reading instead of listening and getting confused… hahaha

pina coladas are just better on the beach.

they have tamarind sauce on the menu.  I still don’t know what a tamarind is, but thanks to Jarritos, I know I don’t like it! 😉

I order a grilled cheese.  The waiter fist-bumped me.  I’m a child.

I can’t understand what they’re saying, so I’m just making up a story instead.  It would appear that he’s upset because his mother fell in love with a….. dancing chicken?  Mexican TV is confusing

all-inclusive, all-you-can-eat, all-the-time. AKA “On the set of Colleen’s dreams”

Rooftop bar with the beautiful bride to be.  I’m blown away by the amount of good vibes and just flat out love that surrounding me in this moment.  feels like sunshine, without the burn 🙂

VH1 Storytellers with Death Cab for Cutie is on the one English channel tonight.  It’s 2 AM, I’m kinda drunk, in a hotel in Mexico alone; lights out, windows open, rainfall and thunder outside.  I couldn’t possibly get more Emo in this moment.  Haha

Morning time means another day, another buffet.  YES.

“There are seeds in my grapes!” #firstworldproblems

huge waves…. is it weird that i like the taste of salt water?  …and don’t make a comment about how everyone pees in the ocean.  gross. 

i’m making myself try every sea food offered to me on this trip…. still feels like bouncy balls in my mouth and I don’t love it.

I think something about Mexico makes my body demand a 2 pm “siesta”

(day 3. my spanish is improving. i’m getting cocky.) (that last phrase doesn’t translate well….. haha)

Groom dove into a 4 foot pool on accident last night.  about 25 stitches required to sew him up, but he’s alive and well, and i’ve got photoshop, so we’re all good.

Oh. My. God. Bethany is the most beautiful bride.  So blessed to be here.

Bridesmaid/Photog double duty, second time in my life.  Walking down the aisle with 10,000 dollars of gear on my shoulder.   I’m gonna call it “bling”, take that, diamonds! haha

(did I mention how beautiful she is?!?!?!?!!?)

spent the ceremony jogging through sand to get the best photos.  Barefoot. Paradise.

am i really getting paid to do this.  #dreams

30 minute taxi ride to the reception…. that chicken on the side on the road is just a joke waiting to happen…

here, the roadkill is giant crabs #classy #armadilloupgrade

just got a lesson in salsa from Carlos… it should be illegal for a man’s hips to move better than a girl’s.  unfair.

I think maybe romance is bred into the people here.  Goodness help me.

Sunsets in the Texas panhandle are stunning, but this is nothing short of heart-stopping.

…good thing all this love in the air has hearts beating faster, or else we all might of died.  #hopeyou’renotlactoseintorentcauseimgreatatcheesy

taxi home. red eyes, sleep time. this bed is too big.


the one thing that would get me out of bed early is the all-i-can-eat menu waiting downstairs for me.

yes, i do want the fruit plate, eggs benedict, a grilled cheese, and ice cream.  stop silently judging me.  #sowhat!

saying goodbye, adios Mexico, please don’t kidnap me on the way to the airport ❤

now… to find a ride home from the airport…… oops!

it’s no surprise…. roomie to the rescue! now get me Home (the restaurant, of course, not the place….) 😉

Ahem…. yes,  I think it’s possible I’m addicted to expressing myself in short thoughts.  Less of a commitment perhaps?  Like, if the reader doesn’t like it, at least it wasn’t a whole paragraph and I didn’t waste a bunch of their time and mine.  (oh good Lord, are these really things I think about?  Even I think I’m weird!)

For the photo portion, photos from a recent photoshoot with a LA-based band Neon Fangs…. Enjoy!


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  1. Lana says:

    I love the Idea of expressing yourself through short thoughts-amazing! What a lovely post 🙂

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