Fill You Heart With What’s Important

For such a crazy life, I have a pretty set routine.  I wake up, put my workout clothes on, grab my keys and iPod, and run until I can barely breathe…. sometimes 2 miles, sometimes 5; but I always end up at the same place.  I get coffee and a banana from The Coffee Bean (which I’ve started referring to as the one-two PUNCH!…. for the obvious, colon-related reasons….) and then play the iPod game (if you don’t know, you’re missing out!) and leisurely walk home.  I think about life and what I have to do and where I want to go and I think fondly of You and all the people I love.  I have the most important Conversations on those walks.  I get home, (I think normal people insert a shower here…. I’m good for it every 3 days or so hahaha) change, and either read or write.  Most days then I head to the tattoo shop.

Now, this routine and these walks have led me to this idea, and it revolves around….. bananas.  Yep.

A banana at The Coffee Bean costs $.95; at Trader Joe’s, only .$19.  The banana’s are no different, but somehow their worth was calculated differently.  As humans, our worth is constantly judged by the world…. what can we contribute, and how much that amount should be pursued/attained.   So my question is… who are you surrounding yourself with?  What are you worth to the ones you choose to love?  I believe there’s only one place you’ll find real worth, but that’s a whole other topic.  That banana, if you will, is priceless 😉

And if you’re curious, here is the current playlist I’m listening to while running/basically just living life…. (I seem to be way into moving bass lines and horns lately, by the sounds of it. And harmonics, as always):

1: Simple Math // Manchester Orchestra
2: Always Is A Promise // Maniac
3: Well OK Honey // Jenny O
4: The Fastest Way Back Home // Frank Turner
5: Why It Scares Me // La Dispute
6: The Chills // Blue October
7: Oh Comely // Neutral Milk Hotel
8: She Loves Me So // Anthony Green
9: My Heart Escapes // Blindside
10: Carry You Home // Nashville Skyline
11: Your Body on Me // Kids at the Bar
12: I’m a Lady // Santigold
13: I Buried a Bone // Blind Pilot

Today I’ve got the Hudson family on the blog.  As always, my clients are so amazing and being given the opportunity to capture love is something I’ll never take for granted.


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