Life just keeps getting crazier.  I think that I’m at the same time doing exactly what I’m supposed to and everything that terrifies me, in the same swift movement.  That’s how you know it’s real…. right?  Or is that backwards?  Are the things you love supposed to also scare the poo out of you?  If so, I’ve got a whole lotta love happening right now.

In my recent travels, I got to shoot the amazing Blain family.  Rick is pretty good with a camera himself, and Stormie is absolutely beautiful.  I love getting to work with people who are so lovely.  And those little girls are heart-melters already!

And now, for the monthly life update.  I’m still in love with California.  I got the amazing opportunity to shoot a fashion film directed by my good friend (and roomie!) Dannel Escallon (www.dannelescallon.com) and featuring clothes by the AMAZING Sam Klemick (www.killdarlingsam.com).  The second was shot by Vanessa Smith (vanessajoysmith.com), who is not only so fun to work with, but amazing with a reflector and tree! Check them out!  (Also, Gate 21 was picked to be on the Transformers 3 soundtrack.  Congrats Serj! Pretty rad)


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