the way things work.

This next batch of pictures about sums up the way life works for me.  You see…. normal people go to normal shows, and have a normal, awesome time.  Then there’s me.  I know it sounds crazy but I really feel like there’s a Conductor up there, and He’s directing my play.  Everytime I think “I’ve really done it this time”, He swoops in with this grand showing of love and direction…. it’s like having a full-time wingman.  This was a Halloween show and these are people I adore.  And we’re all dressed up….. as sexy breakfast. Tiffany Payne did an amazing job creating these costumes…  (And yes, I shot the entire show, dressed as a banana.) (see what I mean?  If this were Twitter, I’d add the hashtag #ridiculous) (if my grandkids ever read this, they’ll probably have no idea what twitter or a hashtag is…)

I don’t deserve the breath I’m about to take, but I’m given it anyway.  Living life in a constant state of thankfulness changes everything.

Here are a few things I’ve been up to lately…

I’m not that cool, but Hopecore is, and they have a rad new issue out, that just so happens to have an article about me in it… go check out the magazine, trust me, there are wayyyyy cooler people than me featured 😉

I recently was in a music video for Serj Tankian featuring Tom Morello… directed by Ara Soudjian and George Tonikian; styled by Houri Mahserejian and hair and makeup by Arpi Nazaryan.  Every person listed prior to this comment is amazing… I seriously felt so at home and loved.  I’m told this isn’t the norm for acting in LA 😉 You can see the video here:

My very first major record cover came out on Tuesday (by that I mean I took the photos for the record and branding of this release)…. I’m really grateful that I got the opportunity to shoot photos for it.  Number 16 on iTunes albums, too.  Congrats to Aaron and the whole band.  Check out tour dates here:

Recently I’ve been shooting live music photos for Vans music… they post those up on their blog, which you can see here: Motorhead/Valient Thorr photos and here: OFF! and just because, their other blogs… cause you really do wanna read them.  I promise you’ll find something you like: and and

Whew.  I have a few other things coming out soon, but until then, tell me: What have you been up to?  Anything exciting?  I’d love to hear about it!

And to finish up… a few words that have been running around my head lately: (03/09/11)

the sound of you
rushes all around me
turning straight lines
into piles of wasted time spent in your light of lime.

don’t look at me with the spark in your eye
you know i’m half a second from catching fire
i mean just what i’ve implied
i don’t mean to criticize your attire, but…
lover, lover, lover,
your pants are on fire.


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