the power of someone else’s reality.

I think the most terrifying thing in the world is the concept of differing realities.  To be honest, all we can really know is what we see.  But does anyone believe that we all see things the same way?  My reality is probably largely different from yours.  There are the constants, I guess, but we all even see colors and feel weather differently.  I’m just waiting for the day that someone looks at me when I’m describing what I see, and tells me “it’s all in your head.”  I feel like a lot of things in my life right now are… misread looks and intentions, conversations I think go one way but the after reactions tell me a whole different story.  At least I’m not seeing actual tangible things that don’t actually exist though… the days that happens, I’m just gonna take a flying leap of the tallest building I can find and hope that if nothing I know is real, maybe I can actually fly.

Man….I wonder if anyone flies just to take in the art that we’re all too caught up and tiny to see from this perspective.  Currents, cuts, repeating patterns that are all so much bigger than us….and on a lighter note, I think being in a plane is probably how a bird feels all the time.  You know, wobbly and awkward until you take to the skies, then you’re showing everyone up.  But while grounded, all those without wings feel like they can point and laugh and your inability to excel on their lower level.  Insane!

Retouching these photos put an instant smile on my face.  The Fraziers are hands down some of my favorite people on the entire planet.  Cj and Mic are as close as it gets to family, and I’m so blessed by them constantly.  If you know their story, you know that they’ve been through quite the wild ride recently, and to go through it all with such Joy is just an honor to be a part of.  It’s hard being a whole country away from them…. and waking up to Micki handing me a hot coffee.  I miss them so much.  If you get to be around them and you’re reading this, do me a favor and just give them both a giant hug from me 🙂

If you fly high enough, you can get back to sunshine.
The same clouds that cause the rain to fall
bounce light back onto you when you’re above it all.

I’ve been in California for almost a month now.  I’ve had two really crazy, not huge, but awesome opportunities, both of which just fell into my lap, and both music videos.  They should be out soon…. and I’d tell you what songs they are, but, well, I’m just not going to 😉

You dropped your good luck charm perceived,
in the sea.
It floated away into waves of mystery.

I know things are so lost it seems,
but I came to offer you a map,
and cover up the seams;

the leaks and holes in your hull,
and if we get lost at least,
it’s you and me
how bad could it be?

And lastly, Hey, I know it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I want you to know that no holiday should have the power to make you feel unloved.  And if you need a reminder of all the reasons why you’re awesome, give me a call. I’d be honored to be the one to remind you.  Goodnight ❤


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  1. Adam says:

    This looks like an awesome group and such a wonderful photoshoot. Was this a two or three light set up in the warehouse? Great lighting dynamics.

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