can’t take it (in.)

did you get my reference,
or was that lost on you, too?
like the message that I belonged didn’t quite make it through.

And those reaching hands,
they push and pull,
but my heart of stone
beats only for you.

Have you ever noticed that people don’t shy away for other religions like they do Christianity?  In any group of people, if someone says they’re Jewish or Buddhist or Atheist someone might ask a few questions, or maybe not say anything at all, but they probably won’t shy away.  I think it’s because Christians have a reputation of brutality… even among brothers.  So quick to tear each other down in the name of “righteous correction”, and that’s crazy since we claim to follow true Love.  I tell people I follow Jesus and it’s immediately a strike against me in some books, but I’m aiming to be the one lover of Jesus they’ve met that didn’t treat them like they were judged or damned.  I think that people who believe their responsibility is to tell people they’re going to hell maybe should focus on their own eternity.  We were called to Love, and tell of our Love.  Not judge.  If you really think you’re holy enough to do that, I don’t want your opinion anyhow.

I’m in California right now.  Been trying to get some work and what not… and in the meantime, shooting as much as I can.  These are photos of my Monkeybird.  She’s lovely.

I went for a run today in Hollywood… I smelled some of the most… erm.. interesting smells.  Some so good, some SO very bad.  And the hills kicked my butt….. literally.  I’m trying to focus on enjoying the day to day instead of being focused on the future… It’s nice to just live and be for once.

driving past houses
with illuminated windows
watching life happen
while mine falls apart.

my heart is calling me home
…is where i’ve made it
and i made it with you
my heart is calling me to you.


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