in a bright eyed way.

I’m sitting outside on a balcony listening to the ocean roar.  This is not me being poetic, I’m speaking literally for once.  The sun started shining…. would it be selfish if I said I think it was for me?  I deactivated all my social networking in an attempt to live in this world for awhile.  I keep picking up my phone thinking I have something to attend to and just end up staring at a screen filled with nothing I can use to waste time. If anything, it’s causing me to be alone with my own thoughts for awhile, but I haven’t quite decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

50 miles away from 150000 and you weren’t there to see it.  Milestones without you aren’t milestones at all, they feel like millstones around my neck, pulling me down to the depths.  It’s dark there, and musty,

and lonely, Lovely; lonely, Lovely.

I was just thinking that it seems like so many people fight and wish and want to be the leader, the strong one, the captain, the one in change.  While it’s true that those who lead have a natural dynamic quality, the stories that move you aren’t the ones of eloquence and grace… no pageant queen ever made someone’s compassion sing.  It’s the ones that are dirty, with grit, who fight only to serve, not be served, or gratified.  The one who lays their life down for another, literally or metaphorically.  The little drummer boy.  The underdog.  Hearts don’t move for the heroes…  They have their place, to awaken, but the ones who make hearts really move…. that could be you and me, if only we’d choose it.

My lovely Lauren recently got me into a whole new realm of music, and not a minute too soon, because I few weeks later I made the trip up to OKC to shoot Kids at the Bar.  They’re really, really, really rad…. (Chad even has the nickname to back it up haha).  Check out their new EP on their myspace…. and go buy it on iTunes!

“I cross out words so you will see them more – the fact that they are obscured makes you want to read them.” -Basquiat

One final thought… (it’s crazy how many random things come into my brain and get stuck now that I don’t have Twitter to offload to…)  while I was driving through Florida the other night, I came across a bear habitat.  In itself, not so weird, except it was the middle of the night and I was alone.  The creepy part was the elementary school located in the middle of said bear habitat.  You might as make their mascot the honey bees and make the children carry picnic baskets…. just asking for your children to be snatched up.  Maybe that’s where they send the bad ones… hahaha



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