type. erase. rewrite.

You watched me shiver, but by the time you thought to bring me a coat, the sun had already come out, full force.  What could have saved me months ago, stifled me in the summertime.

The times when you let real Love save you are the times you see what you really need.  Turns out I need more You, to be me.

I’ve had over 10 shoots while in Florida, so needless to say, busy is an understatement.  These are photos from one of those sessions…. an amazing and adorable couple that I just LOVED photographing.

If I said I’ll always do what I want, would that make you think less of me?  Like maybe I don’t have staying power or I might run when things get hard?  What about the fact that you’ll always know I’m around for the pure joy of being there, not of obligation?  Is the knowing that you’re my only because you make the sky shine above me with a small chance of a tornado blowing it all away worth it rather than having to constantly carry an umbrella for the times life decides to make us a storm?  My staying will always be out of desire, and fire, not force or obligation.  You’ll always get the best of me.

I feel like a bouquet of balloons, caught on the blade of a fan, spinning around and around;

and around,

and around.

It’s a long ways down.  And up, for that matter.

Rise or fall, just don’t stay stagnant.

(everyone deserves their own bright red balloon).


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