we have nothing if not belief.

I finally saw Narnia yesterday.  As always, the movie isn’t nearly as big or as bright as I saw it in my head… but I still loved it.  I’ve always been a bit terrified of dying, but Aslan and Narnia make me the tiniest bit excited for it.  In the movie, Aslan says, “Lucy, what have you done child?  You wished yourself away.  You doubt your value, don’t run from who you are.”  I feel like I’ve spent so long wishing I could be something else, wishing I could fit into this mold.  Wishing I was enough.  Don’t be so eager to fulfill someone else’s dream that you wish yourself away.  I’ve wished myself into a cage, clipped my own wings.  How is it possible that in an attempt to fly I’ve become captive??

A few more quotes from Narnia, that inspire a bit of hope in a grounded heart.

“You know extraordinary things only happen to extraordinary people…. maybe it’s a sign?”
“Now is not the time to fall for fear’s temptation.”
“We have nothing if not belief.”

And now, photos!  These are from the precious Whatley family session… great people, beautiful and obedient children.  And can you believe Kari has a newborn!! She’s stunning!!!

One final serious thought…. If someone knows your weaknesses and chooses to exploit them, they aren’t your friend, your lover.  They are nothing but an attempted puppetmaster, trying to pull your strings.  The deep knowledge of someone isn’t always synonymous with the love of them… the pursuit of power over someone is called a conquest, and people die in those.  Keep that in mind.

So I’m thinking the people behind the shake weight are the same ones behind Kesha…. They are just placing bets seeing what the most ridiculous scheme they can possibly get people to fall for.  I’m convinced Kesha came out of a drunken late-night bet… “listen Joe, I’m so good I bet you I can take an unattractive girl with no personality or talent and turn her into a pop star.” “no way, they gotta have one of the three.  christina, voice.  britney, beauty.  gaga, personality.  gotta have at least one.  i’ll bet my beach house on it.” “done.”  hahaha see what popular culture has fallen for? somewhere, some executive is vacationing at a place we’d all like to be and laughing at everyone.  Same with the shake weight.  Now, if you’re working out with a shake weight while listening to Kesha, you’ve been seriously duped. There’s no hope, you should probably just give up on having any sort of taste now…. hahahaha 😉 i’m kidding, of course.  People should like what they like, even if it is Kesha.



i love you all.  goodnight.


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