I’ve been doing nothing but retouch for 3 days straight.  For 2 of those days, I didn’t even bother to get out of PJs… it was a straight wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, get right to work kind of thing.  I don’t think non-photographers realize just how much work goes into your images. As I work, I have the TV on for background noise… you know, so I don’t feel like such a hermit for not actually leaving the house or having human interaction in days.  I’ve been watching HGTV, which of course has me believing that I could completely demo and redo a kitchen and add a sunroom and 4 decks to my house.  All by myself, and in 2 days. Hahahahah…. but seriously, I’ve been thinking about what my perfect house looks like.  So, in typical mind-wandering Cols fashion, I’ve mapped it out in my head, and will share the nonsense here… for really no point other than maybe when I’m 50, I’ll stumble upon this page and read back what my silly 24 year old self wanted out of life.  Or maybe, I’ll have exactly that.
With no more delay, I present….



#1: I would like a library. Lined with shelves from floor to high ceiling, with a rolling ladder on each wall. It doesn’t have to be as big as the one in Beauty and the Beast, but maybe close. Haha. I want cozy lighting and a fireplace and what are those half-chair, half-couch things called? Oh, right, a chaise lounge chair. One of those. And a coffee maker and great speaker system in that room.

#2: I want a bathroom with a giant tub, and a shower that is glass enclosed with like, 8 shower heads and a place to sit. This room should also have a speaker system so my singing in the shower is not so obvious and I don’t alarm the neighbors or other house residents. I like toilets in their own little room with magazine racks and heated tile.

#3: I want a closet that has lots of space for my tee shirts that are currently folded and/or shoved into whatever place they’ll fit. I’d also like shelves Mariah Carey style for the decent shoe collection I have. Also, a full size mirror for looking at outfits and other things involving dressing/undressing.

#4: I want a music room. Completely sound proof so I can play whenever I want as loud as I want. I almost already have this one 🙂

#5: I want a kitchen that is open. With an island and two ovens. And brightly lit and with enough space for me to cook with family and friends. Counters big enough to sit on cause everyone knows you always end up hanging in the kitchen (well… if you have a tummy like mine at least. i like to be as close to the food at any given time as possible… hahaha). I want a pantry large enough to hold everyday food and I want it to have a trap door that goes into a safe place that has a huge amount of stored water, food, and other things in case a zombie apocalypse ever does happen.

#6: I only want enough rooms to accommodate my family and one for guests. That means if I someday have 2 kids, I only want 4 rooms in my house. No matter how big or grand it could be. Same with bathrooms. One for me and mine, one for kids, one for guests. I don’t need 8 bathrooms. That many toilets in one places makes me nervous… what if they revolted? They have poo as weapons and I’d be caught completely off guard…. ugh, anyway….

#7: I’d like a backyard that is big enough to run in. For a pickup game of 3v3. I’d like my own garden and an outdoor entertaining area where grilling could happen, and outdoor sun lounging. I wouldn’t say no to a pool.

That’s it!! Keep in mind, this is my dream house. If I had a billion trillion dollars to spend, this would be my dream. I don’t think I’ll ever want a huge house, even if I can afford it. I like feeling cozy and warm and close. Anyway…

So here is the first break I’ve taken, a half-break really, to post photos from the Garonzik family session.  They have FOUR lovely children…. and as any parent knows, getting even 1 child to cooperate for the camera is difficult.  What I loved about this session was the sweet way the youngest’s older sisters got him to sit still (even if only for a second), and how the older of the boys was so polite and easy to work with.  What a sweet family!

HEY GUESS WHAT?!?!!?!? It’s almost Christmas…. what’s on your wish list?? (all I want for Christmas is a Brand New show… hahahaha)


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