user friendly.

I even come with an instruction manual.  Batteries included.  It couldn’t get any easier to navigate me, I’m like an Apple product.  If you can’t figure out what to do, try the obvious.  Just saying.

I read something the other day that was complaining that twitter is just where people go to discuss what they had for lunch.  I’m gonna tell you the truth… I think it’s awesome that there are still people out there that get stoked on the little things in life, like a good meal, or a beautiful sunset, or a certain look on the face of someone you love.  That rules.  Pretty sure anyone complaining that people aren’t talking about things “relevant” enough on twitter just need to have a few more little things in their own lives.  Honestly, I’d rather read about the little things that make you smile and occasionally the big things that make you think, instead of always having an ethics or philosophy lesson when you update.  (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those too.  Just not always.)  I follow you cause I love you, and I care about the little things.  And just so you know… I’m gonna update about food.  Probably at least once a day.  I apologize if I’m not riveting enough 😉

Here are shots of my very best friend and her amazing family.

I’ve been noticing the obligatory billboards coming up…. before I say this, I want to say that my political views are mine alone.  I am not a republican or a democrat, I am me, and I make my own choices based on my personal convictions.  This means that I don’t agree with everything in either camp.  Ok, so with that said, the billboards are going up!  “Miss me yet” with a photo of George W… I never see these when a Republican is elected.  It’s like Republicans are the parents in the political relationship…. or maybe that know-it-all in class everyone else wanted to beat up.  Told-you-sos are SO lame.  Interesting that the way to make a statement with that camp is a condescending billboard.  One thing I love about the Democratic party is that their way of making a statement is with grand gatherings, and emotion, and coming together.  Even if it does turn into a bit of a frenzy 😉  The idea of a political label is just crazy to me…. does anyone really fully agree with the political party they belong to?  Or are certain compromises made for the sake of fitting into someone else’s mold?

And to close, my favorite quote of the week…. “You just said your stomach feels like an empty, bottomless pit.  I’m here to tell you it is.” hahahaha…. night 🙂


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  1. Adam says:

    Colleen, you do some crazy awesome portrait photographs. Especially in groups (“Families, etc”). It’s pretty fantastic how you manage so many things and people in such a “small” space. Great job!

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