I think “in my humble opinion” may be the phrase I hate most in the human language.  Cause you can know two things for sure about the words that follow that statement… One: the person is not humble about them. At all. and Two: they definitely don’t consider it an opinion.  To them, it’s a fact you’re just too stupid to get.  My hatred of this phrase is about up there with the word “bro.” And that’s a whole lot of hate.  I make an exception when Lauren says it, cause she’s so dang cute, it’s not even annoying coming out of her mouth.  But anywhere else…. UGH.

And because I like countering negativity with positivity… I present to you… my favorite words! (made-up and real life) (non-creative spelling. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, just know it’s a craze about to sweep the hipster nation. hahaha)

FAVORITE REAL WORD: epitome – A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type: “she is the epitome of love and life” (i’ve always loved this word. don’t know why.)

RUNNER UP: eloquent – Characterized by persuasive, powerful discourse: an eloquent speaker; expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively (it just feels fancy coming off my tongue, i like saying it.)

FAVORITE MADE UP WORD: lacubrious – Chill Out; especially exaggeratedly or affectedly becoming less tense or reserved “I can be lacubrious wit’ you.” (yes, i found this definition on urban dictionary. it’s from a Jason Mraz song, I’ll Do Anything. I like using it in everyday conversation.)

I’ve finished up the shooting portion of all my Texas mini-sessions for the month. I ended up taking 15 instead of the original 10! Whew… so much work, but I hope all of you were as blessed by this as I was. I’m working on editing as we speak… these are photos from the Hudson session that I shot out in Pampa, TX.

I was in a hotel last week, and I just had the TV on for background noise so I wouldn’t get lonely. This show came on called “The Real Housewives of New York.” I was literally so disgusted I couldn’t look away. Not because of how they looked, or where they went, or whatever… but because of how they regarded their friends. There would be a shot of a group of women at dinner eating and just raving about how much they loved each other and how great they thought the others were, and then it’d cut to individuals of the women saying things like, “But, like, oh my God, can you BELIEVE what she was wearing that night? She looked ridiculous.” or “Ugh, she’s such a whore.” I was talking to a friend later that day and he just looked and me and said, “Yeah, all girls hate their best friends.” UMM. NOPE. You can say something mean about me all day long, but you say something bad about my Bests, you’re done. I won’t allow it. And it definitely won’t come out of my mouth. I KNOW I’m not alone in this, right? Lauren, Kat, Jayme, Sal, Jenn, Jaac, Brit, Mic, Kels, Lez, Monkeybird, Haden… these are MY girls. You got something negative to say about them, you had better not say it to me if want to continue to have my respect. Surely that’s just a reality TV thing, not a real life thing… we all got our friend’s backs, right?

Now, back to retouch!


One thought on “IMHO

  1. Well in my humble opinion…just kidding lol! Those shows are disgusting to me as well. I just feel so sorry for them…that they don’t have friends that truly love them. Their entire lives just seem so superficial…even their marriages and their relationships with their children. Blah! I am so honored that you consider me to be one of your girls. I truly love you and care for you. Your happiness is something that I pray for daily. Miss you tons! P.S. Lovely photos. 😉

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