slowly dying, quickly living.

Let’s say our life is contained in hourglasses,
but instead of grains of sand,
our time is measured in little contorted heartbeats.

lub. dub. lub. dub.
i feel the grains fall quicker.

everytime your heart beats
you’re spending some of time.
so you walking into a room,
immediately quickens mine.

one can only conclude:
having you around shortens my life,
it makes my heartbeats fall like knifes.

I never thought I’d be stabbed to death.

[PS: Please, please, please don’t steal my writing. I don’t even mind if you wanna post it, just give proper credit. be respectful!]

Here is a sneak peak of 4 stunning girls that drove all the way to Amarillo to shoot with me last weekend. Let me tell you, they are just as beautiful inside as they are out! I was really really excited when Kelbi asked me if I’d be up for 3 friends joining what was originally a one person shoot. The girls ruled the set, worked their angles, and, hopefully, had as much fun as I did!

It’s that time again!!! Christmas ā¤
fires in the fireplace, pine, hot chocolate, red and green, pretty lights, christmas trees.
I’ve started my Christmas shopping and I just had a few pieces of advice….
So first of all, I wrote about this same thing last year, but I really feel like buying from companies that support a good cause is so important. TOMs, Invisible Children, World Vision, The Love Alliance… all these companies give back in some way or another. I think when given the opportunity to help, it’s kinda silly not to take it, especially if you’re going to spend the money anyway!! But I’m adding a little piece of advice this year, and something I’ve been trying to do. With the economy the way it is, so many of my friends are using their talents to make unique and awesome gift-ables this season. I’m sure that yours are, too. Why not support your friends in the process of buying gifts? It’s like, a double-gift almost. You’re blessing your friends, AND getting awesome, probably one-of-a-kind, unique gifts. So, without delay, these are my official recommendations for gift-buying, 2010. (Remember, I may not know your friends. I recommend asking around, finding their passion, and supporting in whatever way you can. Makes the world go around, you know!)

1: TOMs shoes [] [one for one movement. unreal. you’re blessing two people at once, and yourself in the process. plus the shoes are super comfortable.]

2: The Love Alliance [] [educating all of us on social justice and how we can help make a difference.]

3: Invisible Children [] [children, as old or maybe younger than our brothers and sisters are being forced to fight in a war that has been raging. it’s not directly affecting us and it’s easy to forget about it, pretend it doesn’t exist, but what if it were YOUR little brother. invisible children is working to help these kids.]

4: World Vision [] [you can sponsor a child, or give a one time gift of almost anything! my favorite, of course, is the soccer balls, but they have animals, and books, and water wells. they come with a card telling the person of the gift given in their name too! cool!]

…and of course, I have a few shops that I just love anyway.

5: The Nest [located on 6th street in Amarillo, TX] [LOVE this store. She’s a local, and she’s got such an eye for bringing in unique and beautiful things, while also supporting local artists. If you’re in this area, you’ve gotta check her store out! She’s having an open house on Saturday the 4th of December, and I’ll be there taking photos, too! Come hang!!]

6: Tiff Mink [] [i actually just bought a christmas present from her store this evening. she’s making these awesome bracelets, as well as having vintage clothing. Love her stuff!]

7: Real Wood Works [] [they have the coolest wood products… i love the smoking planks for meat and the fire-starter bundles are such a good gift for the holidays.]

8: Amber Morgan [i don’t know if she has an online shop, but you can find her on my facebook. as it’s currently 4 am and not everyone keeps crazy hours like me, i’m not gonna call and ask ;)] [she makes all kinds of cool things, but my favorite is a custom make-up case she made for me. it’s super cute and with me traveling all the time, it’s the perfect thing to hold all my bathroom stuff.]

9: Kim [] [i just bought the most awesome headband ever from her this weekend!! she has all kinds of unique things to offer!]

10: and finally, completely unrelated to friend or giving, but completely in tune with my geek side, i give you i just love this site. a lot. it has goofy gifts and ones that only people i know i would love would get. if you’re a geek, even a closet one, this site is for you. Check it!!!

Ok, I think that’s all I have!! Anyone have any recommendations for me??? Do you or your friends make or do something awesome that I should know about? Let me know! Comment or email… I’d love to help support awesomeness, however I can :)))


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  1. Kim says:

    I’m dying to see how that headband looks like on you and what you put it with.

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