just call me aunt cols!

So here I am, at the hospital, waiting on the arrival of Chance and Kelsey’s little girl. I am so excited…. I think the opportunity to be called an aunt is such an honor. It’s not a title you are just entitled to, I don’t think. It shows a special friendship between you and the parents, and it gives you a role in the child’s life that not many people get. You get to still be “cool”, even when the parents aren’t considered so. You get to spoil, and give advice, and love, and all this without consistently changing diapers or dealing with tantrums! I’ll take it!!!!!

Here are some photos from the AP tour the came through Dallas a few weeks ago. I taught at a conference with Matt, who plays drums for August Burns Red, awhile back, and I was really excited to see him and hang again! I actually was going to shoot the Austin date, but Emo’s is an impossible venue to shoot. Really impossible. So instead I just enjoyed the view from the side of the tiny, tiny stage, and decided to try again in Dallas a few days later. I’m still working on ABR’s photos, but here are photos from the other headliner’s set, a band called Bring Me The Horizon. They were super high energy and the crowd was just freaking out. It was nuts!! I love live music so much… (side note, for personal reasons, shooting BMTH made my heart ache a little, cause one of those boys stole my monkeybird’s heart and took her to the UK! But he’s making her happy, so I guess I’ll allow it… hahaha)

I found fresh gummy bugs in the hospital vending machine.
I may or may not have bought all 10 packages.
I may or may not be in love with them.


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