I had a friend tell me the other day that humans crave two things…. certainty…. and uncertainty.  What contradictory beings we are!  We want to be certain of things, for comfort, but not too certain, of course, because then the boredom sets in.  It’s so ridiculous.  I’d like to think that we can compartmentalize… you know, expect one or the other from different circumstances.  For instance… I want to be certain about love.  It want to know someone loves me and I want to love them back, and I want there no be no question about where they want to sleep at night.  I want to be certain that I’ll always recognize Truth when I see it. I want to be certain of where I’ll go when He takes me.  I want uncertainty about what adventure I’ll be on tomorrow.  Where I’ll be able to go, what I’ll be doing.  I don’t know that it works this way, but here’s to hoping 🙂

I’ve been seeing this quote lately, everywhere.  It says, “Being nice to people you don’t like isn’t called being two-faced, it’s called growing up.”  Man.  No way.  Being two-faced is spreading lies and venom behind someone’s back and then acting to their face as if you’re friends.  I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make you a grown up to pretend you like someone only to ruin their reputation as soon as they walk away.  Growing up is learning how to keep your mouth shut about things that don’t concern you.  Growing up is learning to love people for their good sides and choosing to realize that everyone has their bad things, even you.  Growing up is facing a problem with the person it concerns, and not the general public.  All of this to say, if you have a question about my life, or a problem with how I’m living it, the most logical thing in the world is to ASK ME ABOUT IT.  Not your friend of a friend who saw a guy who met me at a show once.  I’m so tired of hearing of people (ESPECIALLY ones who I thought were friends) saying awful things behind my back.  I’m not perfect.  Far far from it.  But I can assure you that I don’t intentionally hurt people.  I have.  So have you.  We can all either forgive each other or continue the cycle of negativity.  So please, if you have an issue with me, take it up with me.  I promise to hear you out and try my hardest to resolve any problem. Ok?

Recently I met up with Children 18:3 in Fort Worth to do some promos.  I love these guys so much… actually, they’re kinda my favorites.  And so easy to shoot!! We headed to the water gardens to try something a little different… plus I kinda fell in love with the place and it’s hard to stay away for too long at once 🙂

Check them out at  They had a record come out a few months ago that rules called Rain’s ‘A Comin’… buy it 🙂

St. Jude.  The Saint of Lost Causes.  I’m not Catholic, but I sure could use you walking with me now.


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