Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

It’s funny how things are always there, but we never notice or pay attention to them until they matter to us.  For example, handicap ramps.  For most of us, they are just part of design, but if you needed one to get around, you can bet you’d constantly be noting the locations of them.  That’s just how life is.  So now, naturally, I’m seeing and hearing all these things that I’ve never noticed before.  They creepy crawl into my brain and all these things that use to be part of the background seem to have highlighter on them. It’s all just fuel for this very large fire that’s been building in my heart for a long time…. and it’s started to expand to my eyes, to my hands; it has started to burn out of control and it’s not something even lack of oxygen can contain.   Be careful when you choose to take someone’s pride.  People are unpredictable when they have nothing left to lose.

A few weeks back I got to go see my lovely friend Haden Brightwell and her band Evolett.  I love her a ton, and I love seeing her perform live… here are a few shots from the show.

They have an album out now called “For Your Consideration”.  Go hear their music at

I rented Disney Oceans a few nights ago.  It ruled.  But, um, cuttle fish (which sounds like “cuddle fish” and sounds like something I’d like to be friends with) are TERRIFYING.  Seriously.  Like, they look the way I imagine aliens look.  I can just imagine one poking my heart out with a random hidden appendage, Independence Day style.  (and of course, I’d punch it in the nose and yell “WELCOME TO EARTH”, just like Will Smith.  Which would actually be pretty cool I guess….)  I may get certified to scuba just to have the opportunity 😉  I’ve always thought downtown Dallas looked like Lego buildings made by giants.  Maybe we’re the ants in some other species scenario.  That’ll make your brain hurt.  Haha.

And now, for some photography info!  I’m headed to Florida for the month of December.  SO for a limited time (the rest of November) I’m offering family/couple/fashion sessions at a discount!  It’s my way of getting to hang with all of you before I leave for the rest of the year!  So here’s the deal.  The session includes one outfit and one location, plus 20 final retouched images and a print reproduction release.  And you get it all for $100!  I’m only taking 10 sessions at this rate and it’s only valid for this November, so hurry and book!! Email me at for more info or to request a day! 🙂





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