so stark it’s shocking

yes, please.  GIMME.  Loyal, flies with you, challenges you, but always catches you if you fall too hard.  Makes you laugh, cuddles you when you’re sleepy, protects you, always happy to see you, and would never dream of holding someone else above you.  Nice to others, but only lights up for YOU.  All fire, just. like. me.

I want a dragon 🙂

(images source: google images)

Right?  These photos are products from a company called Real Wood Works.  Let me tell you what I love about them… ALL their products are made from wood that is from needed thinning to keep the forest healthy.  I think that is so rad.  You can buy their products here:

Let me paint you this picture.  There are two conversations entering a hazy, sick, medicine head at the same time.  One says, “you are so stressful. bye.”, the other says, “aww, you shouldn’t have to eat breakfast you don’t love when you don’t feel good.” on the surface, they say nothing, but underneath, everything.  Compassion.  Grace.  I need more Grace than anyone on the planet, and somehow you give me more than I even knew I needed.  It’s like I’m tingling at all the edges.  Chew me up, spit me out. Tell everyone all you think you know about.

God doesn’t make mistakes.  (so then… I can’t be a mistake.  Right?)

And for my favorite quote from the last few days, from the one and only Andy Loper: “Hey, do you have that seafoam blue tux in 2XL?” hhahahaha

Man.  Can’t take life too seriously.  It’s too easy to get so low, you end up digging your own grave.  Chin up.


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