Kentucky looks just like I thought it would.

This year so far has been unreal.  I feel like I’ve been blessed in ways that not only do I feel undeserving of, but also, in ways I just never thought were possible.  It’s like having a childhood dream that you always go back to… let’s say astronaut.  It’s as if I spent years dreaming of being in space but knowing that it was just a fantasy, and then having it handed to me, gift-wrapped.  I know that probably sounds super cheesy, but I’m laying here, up waaaaay too early, and it just hitting me in waves, over and over again.  I’ve always been content.  Paul in Philippians says to learn to be content in all circumstances, and for the most part, I have.  This is something entirely different, something that builds on that base of contentment but then jumps forward and explodes into a million pieces of warm rain and falls gently so I don’t have the time to forget just how blessed I am.

This summer I got the opportunity to go to Ichthus Festival in Kentucky.  We drove up from Tampa, met Aaron in Nashville, and then all piled into the “Executive” vehicle and headed North-(ish).  I’d never been to Kentucky before, and I was pretty stoked to see it looked just like what I pictured in my head.  One of my favorite movies takes place in Kentucky, so yes, I got super stoked driving past Elizabethtown, and yes, I said way too many times that we shouldn’t miss 60B.

While in Kentucky, I got to shoot not only Aaron Acoustic with Jamie, Shane, and Ang, but also some of my favorite people to photograph ever: The Wedding.  I think I’ve probably shot them live 30 times.  Side Note: Someone said to me the other day that I have a lot of best friends…. I was thinking about it and I guess that’s true.  But if you knew the people I get to share life with, I bet you’d understand. Ok, back on track…. it was hot.  SO hot.  And there were literally people EVERYWHERE.  And we had free food coupons to Pizza Hut, Subway, and Chik-Fli-A.  Ran into David from The Love Alliance ( there as well and picked up a sweet tank top and learned a little about what they’re doing to educate and influence our culture in various ways. It was such a good time with great friends and I’ll never forget it. Here are some of the shots from The Wedding’s set….

and for my favorite of the day…. look closely… yes, those are water balloons flying through the air and yes, they are spraying the entire crowd with water hoses.  Intense.

I’ve been writing almost constantly.  It’s weird, because like I said before, creation for me comes out of the highest highs and the lowest lows.  This particular bout of writing is coming from both.

You think the world revolves around you,
but that’s just your stage that’s spinning.
You’re two acts from being upside down,
and somehow you think that’s winning.



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