humidity, fire ants, and how i fell in love.

This weekend I had the honor of shooting Aubrey and Bryan’s beautiful wedding in Houston, TX.  I met Aubrey through a friend a while back and we just became friends.  We hung out a few times, and she told me all about Bryan.  When he proposed, I was so stoked and couldn’t wait to shoot their photos.  We went out to downtown Fort Worth and had such an amazing time that we ended up going for pizza after.  Then, a few months later, I headed back to Fort Worth to take Aubrey’s bridal photos.  She chose the Dallas arboretum as a location, and since I wanted to best light possible, we were up at 5 am getting ready and driving into Dallas.  (And if you know me, you know that I am not a morning person, and I must really really love someone if I’m willing to wake up early for them. Haha)  We looked pretty ridiculous, the two of us loaded down with cold rags (it was BLAZING hot by the time the sun came up) and all my gear and touch up stuff… not to mention Aubrey in her huge dress!  We had a great time walking around and shooting, and she even showed me right where Bryan proposed to her.  (Did I mention that?  He proposed at the arboretum.  How beautiful, right?)  My absolute favorite part of the day happened while walking out.  This little girl was holding her mom’s hand and as we walked by she got the widest eyes, pulled her mom’s arm and said, “Look mom! A princess….”  She was so cute and in awe.  And Aubrey was stunning.  But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself….

Something I’ve noticed about creative types is that we just can’t seem to keep our moods in equilibrium.  When we’re up, we’re WAY up, and when we’re down, there’s no light to be found.  Why is it in these times, at least for me, that I’m able to create?  These are all made worse, of course, when someone shows up who moves us, who affects us. This muse-like relationship doesn’t happen often, but when it does, God help us all.  It’s like mixing business and pleasure in the worst possible way… everything either hurts or feels like being bathed in sunshine and warm rain.  There’s no in between for us in normal life; add this to equation and you’ve got one giant bomb just waiting to explode or be diffused, and as the artist which you’d rather is kind of confusing.  But it’s messy either way.  Is the crazy elation worth the opposing emotion?  Right now I’m inclined to say no.

That rainbow you keep chasing looks so beautiful from far away but it always disappears as soon as you think you’ve gotten close.  You run away, it rushes towards you, and run to it, it retreats.  Like a sick game the ocean plays when trying to catch your feet.  It calls you away, it fades away.  You’ve promised to draw close to me if I draw close to You, and You’ve yet to run away.  They’d have me believe You don’t shine as bright as them, but how can you measure light accurately when your irises are so wide from struggling to see the tiny flame they are barely able to keep alive.  My irises don’t get big enough to contain You, my arms aren’t big enough to wrap around You.  Contain me.

Who thought it would be fair to match a fox and a polar bear?

I’ve had a crazy busy month, including some of the most exciting events of my entire life, and some of the worst.  I can’t share details yet on either, but I think the Good way outweighs the bad, as it usually does.

I can’t wait to share photos from the Schlackman wedding… it was hot and humid and I got bit by fire ants (I’m convinced these creatures are straight from hell.  Ugh.) but I got to photograph and be a part of the most beautiful love story, and I’m so grateful for that 🙂

Good night!


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