you’re the worse thing that’s ever happened to me.

If I could paint, I would paint this light that’s between you and I; it’s too beautiful to keep hidden from prying eyes.

It seems like every time I let my mind wander, words in verse form come out.  I don’t really know what spawned this change of heart, but I do know it’s a welcome after only being an afterthought.

Remember the Evolett photos I posted awhile back?  These photos are from that same night.  Terrible Things played that night too.  Guys, I can’t even explain how excited I am for this album to come out (which will be August 31st… yesssss!).  Really, for days after every show I see, I have the songs stuck in my head, and next to Aaron, Josh is probably one of my favorite live drummers ever.  So anyway, check out the album when it comes out… you can listen to a  song streaming now at  SO GOOD.

And, also, this super rad band called Queens Club played that night.  I only took one picture during their whole set, but trust me, you should give them more attention than I did.  You won’t regret it!  (I’m partial to the songs “an apparition” and “dust”.) And here’s the shot:

I’m such a night owl.  I can’t help it.  For example, currently, it’s 3:23 am.  About 5 and a half hours after most people go to sleep.  Heck, I’m even up later than the party goers.  I’ve always been this way, as long as I can remember.  This is probably why I missed over half of the days of high school 😉  oops.  It kinda gets lonely, being up this late all alone.  I don’t know, like, on one hand, it’s enjoyable.  I like the solitude.  But then it just gets to a point, usually about 4 am, that I just feel like I’d give anything for a good conversation. So I guess I’ll just have this one-sided one instead… you know, at least it’s something. Hahahahahahahha.

I’ve really enjoyed being home and seeing my friends and family.  I got to jump on a trampoline with a sprinkler under it with my sisters and nephew, play wii, spray paint cadillacs and go to wonderland and a local show with Lauren, saw Miranda’s pretty newborn, eat dinner with the Keislings and hope that little baby Mac doesn’t decide to come while I’m out of town this weekend…. Ugh!  That would be so bad.  I also got some potentially personally really devastating news.  I don’t want to go into details until I know more, but I could really use all the prayers and positive thoughts you got.  Sometimes strength seems so elusive.  I feel like I’m chasing after it, but I never catch up, and the only time I’m close is when I make myself numb.  So… thanks for reading.  I care about all of you so much.

Night ❤


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