And the winner is….

So last week or so, I posted a little contest on my facebook and twitter [Colleen Allison/@myfavoritealias].  I definitely was not expecting to get the kind of response I did… and also the $70 iTunes bill was a little ridiculous, but guys… IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.  I’m so blessed to have so many friends in my life that care enough and know me enough to recommend music that I could totally fall in love with.  So…. after spending about 50 hours on the road, just me and this playlist…. I am happy to announce the winner!!! Oh, right, the winner gets my extended appreciation and also the choice of any photo I’ve ever taken printed at an 8X12.   Ok, so first a few facts….

1. There were 57 different bands recommended to me over twitter, facebook, text, and iChat in a span of 10 hours. These bands were: The Temper Trap, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, third eye blind, Jason Myles, Jason Castro, Tyrone Wells, James Morrison, Joshua Radin, Meiko, Mumford and sons, Justin Bieber (pretty sure as a joke, but you never know with this guy… hahaha), M.I.A., Florence and the machine, The Gaslight Anthem, Umbrellas, Vampire Weekend, Madi Diaz, Edison Glass, BT, A Fine Frenzy, Artisan Guns, As Tall As Lions, Desmond & the Tutus, Secret & Whisper, The Becoming, The Jezabels, Ives the Band, Pinback, Feist, Ladytron, Something Corporate, PHOENIX, The xx, Starflyer 59, newworldson, OKGO, Eminem, Blitzen Trapper, Circa Survive, N.E.R.D, Mars Volta, Rocco Delucca and the Burden, Jake Hamilton, John Mayer, The National, Colour Revolt, Ellie Goulding, The Bird & the Bee, Grizzly Bear, Brett Dennen, Gorillaz, Mastodon, Between the Buried & Me, Then Crooked Vultures, The Dead Weather, Cage the Elephant, and At the Drive In.

2. I had recommendations from people in 4 different countries. Also, some recommendations from people I don’t even know. Also, a recommendation from my high school crush. My 17 year old self was really, really stoked about this… hahaahahaah.

3. That’s a lot of bands. I decided that since I couldn’t buy every record in it’s entirety (unless I wanted to go broke…) that unless they specified a song I would just choose the most downloaded song on iTunes. By the way, only one of the artists listed above wasn’t available to buy on iTunes or Amazon.

4. I had to disqualify a few because I ALREADY love them and therefore they were not new, although I maybe did fall in love them again… those were Edison Glass, John Mayer, OKGO, Phoenix, A Fine Frenzy, Circa Survive, and Justin Bieber. (Just kidding on that last one…. maybe.) haha

5. I found it super interesting that Rihanna sings on a song with Eminem that’s about physical abuse. I mean, maybe it’s the perfect song for her to sing on and maybe it’s just weird, I can’t really decide, but I can’t imagine her having any sympathy for someone with a severe anger/abuse problem after everything she went through…. I know I don’t. Still like the song a lot though. I love the way you lie. Mmm…. what a line.

Soooo….. here are my top 5!

5. [Jason Miles Gross – Twilight Serenade] I’m kinda a sucker for an acoustic guitar and a pretty voice. That’s all I can say about this one :X
4. [BT – Suddenly] I really like dance-y music that I can move to when I’ve been driving for 10 hours and trying to stay awake. This accomplished that 🙂
3. [Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Paris] Completely love this band’s whole attitude and feel. Sometimes you just need a pissed off female vocal. Love it, Stokes!

and…. actually the top 2 were almost a tie. These are the only two that I actually got the entire record almost immediately after hearing one song. But then I did a tie breaker. There could only be one winner! Here goes……….

2. [Ellie Goulding – Lights] Wow. I’m completely in love with her. That’s all I can say. She sounds like the way I think my happy sounds.

and the winner is……

1. [Madi Diaz – Ten Gun Salute] Honestly, she won over Ellie because there are horns on her record, and we all know HOW MUCH I LOVE BRASS. Yum.

So that means the winner is………. KACIE WILLIAMS!!!! She doesn’t even know she won yet, how exciting!!! Are y’all excited? Oh man I am. So, Kacie, all I need is for you to say which photo you want and it’s done!

Really, really, really, thanks everyone for playing along. It really made my drives a lot more fun and I felt kind of like you were all there with me… you know, when the song you recommended played. By the way, this playlist got me from Amarillo, to St. Louis, to Wichita, to Amarillo, to Albuquerque, to Las Vegas, back to Amarillo, to Nashville, and tomorrow morning it’ll play me all the way back home. Just like the last little piggy?? Oh man. Stupid joke, sorry. Also, confession…. I just brushed my teeth and got into bed (erm… I mean…. air mattress…. thanks to Jason and Gaylene for the place to sleep, by the way)… and as I was pulling out my computer, I found the cookie Brett bought for me earlier. Guys…. I ate it. Right after I brushed my teeth! Ugh. But I don’t regret it…. it was gooooooood.

Alright, and now for a few photos, since I can’t really update my blog without some. There are just a very few from my shoot with The Crossing church in Tampa, Florida.

They are as fun as they look, guys.  Just so you know.



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