irrelevance and what life is really about

It seems like my word for the last few weeks has been “irrelevant”.  It’s interesting how easy it is to get so caught up in all your own selfish thoughts that you actually convince yourself that all these little things are RELEVANT.  Relevant means “logically connected and tending to prove or disprove a matter at issue”…. Are the little things we consume ourselves really relevant to our ultimate, intended purpose?  I’ve found that when I feel so down, so sorry for myself, sick with upset or anger, the very best solution is to get outside of myself and figure out how I can help someone else’s day.  Because for all the bad things that I perceive happen to me; the stuff that makes me just want to fall on the floor and feel sorry for myself, the truth is, I’ve got it all.   I’ve got love, work, passion, family, friends, travel.  SOME PEOPLE DON’T EVEN HAVE CLEAN WATER TO DRINK.  And here I am, sprawled on the floor and thinking I’ve got it bad.  It’s absurd.

I’ve made it my new goal to wake up every morning and physically write out five things I am grateful for.  Then I put the list in my pocket, and the second something threatens to steal my smile, I pull it out and remember.  We can’t help anyone else if all we constantly think about is ourselves.  So there it is.  I will not feel sorry for myself.  I will not wallow.

Speaking of love, here is an engagement session I did recently in downtown Fort Worth.  This couple is AMAZING.  It was so fun just watching them interact with each other.  Bryan just finished Fire Fighting school, so we had some fun with his uniform.  We went to this place called Fort Worth Water Gardens.  If you know me, you know I’m a huge architecture fan (Frank is my fav… gotta make it Fallingwater this year.)  I literally could barely shoot, I was so taken with my surroundings.  You’ve gotta go check it out if you’re ever in the area… just bring a book, or some piano concertos on an iPod, or nothing at all, and SIT.  To say it was calming is an understatement… For reasons that I’ll keep to myself, I was particularly wrecked that day.  But as soon as we got there, I really honestly felt repaired.  Even if it was just for a second 😉

Can’t wait to shoot Bryan and Aubrey’s wedding in the fall!

And now: more vacation/work photos!

if you’re ever in Clearwater, go here and order a peanut butter chocolate shake. you won’t be sorry.
lunch on the beach 🙂
i saw this cake and it reminded me of my princess Brit. She needs this fancy thing!
the turtles finally have their tank back!
this dog weighs more than i do!
I guess having a tornado for a mascot is appropriate in Florida… but I hate to break it to ya, Clearwater, the Texas panahndle is the real home of the tornados.
the most amazing sunset… what do you see in the clouds? 🙂
first time in Atlanta… they use a larger font here in Georgia
this was driving next to me on the highway…. super cool. I wanted to disembark my car and ride through Atlanta on this BOAT.
this reminded me of Natalie… not the peaches part, the Vidalia onion part at the top. She loves that dressing 😉
pancake pantry… mmm
where i imagine Monkeybird came from, or maybe it was named after her?….. Hawkinsville.

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  1. ensoleillement says:

    I don’t remember who said it, but he/she said that all we do in life is irrelevant, but it is important we keep doing it;)

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