Let’s start with a photoshoot that I just finished up… A maternity session!  Babies are so amazing, and so are the women who have them! (Me, eh, not so much.  I can barely be responsible for myself, let alone someone else!  haha, maybe some day….. <3)  Miranda is absolutely beautiful pregnant… haha, well, she’s beautiful all the time.  I think she kind of looks like Colbie Calliat in some of these…

I love my job.  Have I mentioned that?  I literally get to be involved in some of the most important times of people’s lives… It’s like being invited in to witness something that only the closest of the close see.  I feel so blessed to be a part of all my client’s moments.

I’ve been traveling a lot.  I’m currently in Florida and I’m loving every second of it.  The beach is my home…. I’m sure of it.  I will live on the beach one day.  Here are a few vacation photos so far….

backroads Alabama

Mouse stole my Heart.

Southern Flag... someone should let them know they lost?

sunset baseball!

Montgomery Biscuits....

Dexter likes me.....

...but he LOVES his daddy.

BEACH. perfect.

live sand dollar!



left my baby girl at home... she's the best 🙂

Now, for more random thoughts…. Today I was thinking about the internet.  Like, what it actually is.  I thought about what it would look like if you could physically see the internet…. words and phrases swirling through the air, flowing with the wind.  Everywhere there is air, there are these ideas.  Up there, my thoughts and yours dance together…. a very, very complicated dance, I’m sure, but one all the same.  It’s so crazy to think of the weight of all the words that the internet contains.  How heavy they would be if they were physical.  Have you ever heard someone say something that lifted you up, or pulled you down?  I think sometimes people forget how much we all need each other.  All the things of the world seem so important, and so major, but what will it mean it the end of it all, if you’re alone?

All that being said, though, I’m of the thinking that you should whole-heartedly pursue what you want.  Without holding back and without regret.  Passion is something that has always been my greatest asset, and my greatest flaw.  I’m working out a way to be reasonably passionate, because if you know me, you know I love impossibilities 😉  Like sun-showers.  Mmm…. I’ll let you know if I ever get there, and in the meantime…. back to work! 🙂


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