a quiet mind

“you give me a quiet mind, and I love you.”

I’ve always loved that lyric.  Say what you want about my love for Blue October, it’s true and it will never, ever go away.   🙂  The ability to quiet my mind is one that almost no one I know possesses.  It’s not for lack of trying, and it’s not for lack of love…. it’s just my mind races constantly at a million miles a second, and to get it to slow down is quite the feat.  All I could think of tonight was how my mind was quiet, and it’s all thanks to that few minutes of peace and quiet I got tonight.  So this is my very large thank you.

I have the honor of having some of my best friends from high school still in my life.  Me, Jenn, Jayme, and Haley played soccer together and grew up together, for as long as I can remember.  I love that they’re still around 🙂  This little boy is the son of Justin and Haley, and he is GORGEOUS.  Both Jayme and Haley have beautiful sons (I get to photograph Ryan on Friday!).  Here are some photos from Miles’ six month session….

It’s been so stormy here the last few nights.  Tornado sirens have been going off… just crazy.  I spent a large amount of last night cuddled up in a very padded pallet in my bathroom.  I’m not going to lie…. It was kind of awesome 😉  I mean, the sirens were scary, but really, how often do you get to lay in your bathroom and build a fort and just lay there and read and/or daydream?  I should really do it more often…..

ANNNND finally…. people who know me well know that musically, I am drawn to three things: harmonics, horns, and cellos.  (Man, I really wish cello started with an h… that would of made my likes an awesome alliteration… hahah).  So, in honor of that, I’m making playlists that have these elements, starting with horns.  It’s a work in progress, and feel free to add your input 🙂 For now, the list is:

1: Away From You//The O.C. Supertones

2: It’s a Hit//Rilo Kiley

3: Paralyzed//The Used

4: Lead Poisoning//Alkaline Trio

5: I’m Gonna Find Another You//John Mayer

Welp, like I said, work in progress.  Still adding to it, but for now, those are it.  Tomorrow is a full day, and yet here I am, wide awake at 3 am again.  I don’t know what I keep expecting to find.  All I know is, life is changing so rapidly, I can hardly keep up.


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