alkaline trio

A few weeks ago, my lovely friend Monkeybird had some friends in town playing a show, and she invited me to come hang and arranged for me to shoot.  I have the best friends, huh?  The guys were all so nice, and I enjoyed their set very much.  If you have a chance to see Alkaline Trio live, do it.  You won’t be disappointed 🙂

…we made paper airplanes at the sound booth.  Mine didn’t go very far. I blame a lack of experience. Also, writing “speed!” on the side did not help.  Haha

Today, I mowed my lawn.  PS, I love working in my yard.  It’s just such a labor of love.  My neighbor saw me, and asked if I was really dancing while mowing.  Yes, yes I was.  Because any time you could be dancing and you aren’t, is time wasted in my opinion 🙂  My yard looks amazing now.  I was looking forward to planting a garden, but it looks like I won’t be in Amarillo much this summer, so I think it’ll have to wait.  Oh, well.  One day.

Fear: an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight).  Fear is such a waste of time.  I was just thinking today, that I’m not going to fear anymore.  All it does is steal your attention away from the experience.  It makes it impossible to really feel whats going on around you, because the only thing you’re focused on is yourself.  And I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all.  Being numb is over-rated.  Unless you’re at the dentist, in which case, it’s maybe even under-rated.  The dentist is the worst.  Hahahahaha.

I don’t mind having teary, red-rimmed eyes, mostly because then no one doubts that my eyes really are green.

I got to hug my nephew today.

Tonight was lovely, lovely, lovely.


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