the stars at night, are big and bright

I present to you one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out.  This is Gabi.  When I was volunteering at the youth in Pampa, she was one of my girls.  She has such a heart for knowing people, for caring about people.  I enjoyed her shoot so much.  Half of these photos were taken at The Nest, a beautiful store located on 6th in Amarillo.  Go in and check it out, they carry things that we are lucky to be able to buy in a small town like Amarillo.  They also have local artists featured.  Tomorrow, May 8th, at 5 o’clock they are having an open house, and I can promise you Kasey knows how to bring the party.  Support your local shops, your local artists, your local heartbeat.  If you don’t, it’ll die, and we’ll all have to shop at Wal-mart for less quality goods that have been mass produced and have zero meaning.



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