soaked in resolve

I’ve spent the last few weeks completely on the road.

I love traveling, I love being in new places, and I love making new friends and catching up with old ones.  These photos are from the Terrible Things show at SXSW this year.  On the way to Florida, I stopped and stayed with Andy and Haden.  It really is so nice to see familiar faces.  If you haven’t checked Terrible Things out yet, you need to.  And you can thank me later 😉

I had an amazing drum lesson today.  I can’t even explain how much I love music, and this instrument.  It just FEELS good.  Feels right.  I can’t wait to actually play in a project.  Mmm.

Florida so far has been like a dream. Perfect weather, not too humid, no huge bugs, slight breeze, beach, sun…. I love it here.  It’s so good to sit with friends who know me and who love me.  I feel SO loved.

My thoughts are all choppy tonight.  Choppy and all over the place.  I need to get some sleep, and hopefully all the pieces will fit back together tomorrow.  Tonight, they’re busted.


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