Musink, Part 1

My average amount of sleep equation this past weekend looks something like this:  4 days x 24 hours = 96 hours. 3 hours of sleep a night x 4 days = 12 hours.  96 – 12 = NOT ENOUGH.  (Somehow, that all makes sense.  I’m sure of it)  I never get sick, and it was enough to make me get a cold.  How lame is that?  Maybe I’m getting old.

So I was thinking the other day about how crazy it would be if a huge worldwide disaster hit right at that moment and communication and the ability to travel were reduced to zero.  What would you do?  In my case, I was hours away from my house, my family, my dogs, most of my friends…. would I have banded together with the people I was with, and formed a new family?  Would I have tried to get back to my car and race home, against all odds?  What about food, and shelter?  Yes, my mind is a crazy place to be, and I enjoy every second of it.  I bet you didn’t know that I am absolutely terrified of dying.  Sometimes, the fear hits me so hard I can’t move.  It’s not the actual act of dying, I’m cool with that part, it’s inevitable.  It’s the part after, the part where I have to face God.  I know I’m not good enough, but what is He thinks so too?  It literally paralyzes me sometimes.

I wrote a song the other day, and it was inspired by a very specific event.  Someday I’ll thank that person face-to-face, but for now it’ll be my little secret.  It’s most interesting that way, I think.

So, on to Musink.  It was a music and tattoo convention put on in Dallas, TX and hosted by Oliver Peck.  Basically, it was 3 straight days of partying and getting tattooed by some of the best of the best.  I met some really cool people.  I got to shoot, which was awesome, and I have a ton of pictures to go through.  For now, here are some photos of the headlining band, The Used.  I really enjoyed shooting their set.

I should probably sleep now.


One thought on “Musink, Part 1

  1. Colls: I know from experience here- the Lord we serve takes us when He is ready for us, and when our work for Him on thus earth is done. Nothing we do can change that or make him more ready or not for us. I have realized this last month that I felt rejected from my God. I said jokingly “He didnot want me…” and I really had rejection issues from not dying. God has wispered in my ear to say my work here for Him is not done. I will be praying for your fear of facing God and please pray for mine of the Jesus coming back thing please xoxoxo mic

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