The City Lives

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting a band from Oklahoma City called The City Lives.  They’re a super rad, super talented bunch of dudes, and the shoot was a blast.  Nate accompanied us, and for every location he had a story about some sort of terrible thing that happened there…. and because of this, the phrase “shank n maim” was coined.  Chase’s family owns a candy shop called 42nd Street Candy Co., and we even stopped by there and got some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had.  If you live in Oklahoma City, check it out!

And a candid… silly boys!

Check out their music at, and I even heard their 2007 full-length “American Kids” is available for free download until the EP release… look for details on that on their facebook.

In other news, I learned something very interesting about myself the other day.  I went to Ruidoso, NM for a few days to just get away and spend some time in the forest… unplugging, thinking, all that good stuff.  While I was there, I got a facial at The Body Bar.  Imagine… lights low, candles, music that sounds like it could be on the soundtrack of Howl’s Moving Castle.  I’m laying on a warmed table under the softest blankets and this girl is using a paint brush to brush lotion and cream and who knows what else on my face and chest.  It was so relaxing.  Then she starts massaging my arms and legs.  This is the important part though.  She gets to my feet, and doesn’t even rub them, she’s just putting lotion on them, but I swear, my whole body went numb.  I know that sounds crazy, but apparently I love having my feet touched.  Weird.  It got me thinking about the power of human touch.  For me, I’m really moody when it comes to touching.  If I like you, I’m probably going to be touching you.  It’s just a connection thing for me.  But really, when someone who cares about you even just touches your arm, it’s crazy how much calmer things can get (or more frenzied, depending on your relationship I guess).  I love it.  But the feet thing really caught me off-guard.  I didn’t know that about myself… hahahaha.  Learn something new everyday I guess.

I’m at home for a few days.  I’m so restless anyway, but when I’m at home, it seems to be amplified by a thousand percent.  I finished the book I was reading…. now I’m onto the last one in the series.  Such a bittersweet feeling, wanting to know how it ends, but not wanting it to be over.  Oh well, everything has to end eventually.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to just never start anything so endings aren’t possible.  Hmmm.


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