SXSW Part One

Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to head to South By Southwest in Austin with my friend Monkeybird.  I had been to SXSW one other time, but only for one day and only for one show.  This was a whole different experience.  People literally everywhere.  I don’t think Monkey and I went to bed before 4 am the whole time we were there.  One night, what started out as a nice, 5 am stroll back to the RV ended in Monkeybird and I sprinting through downtown Austin in the pouring rain, laughing and trying not to fall or startle any of the sleeping bums that were gathered under overhangs.  It felt straight out of a movie.  I met a lot of great new people, and was able to take tons of photos.  These are from Circa Survive’s sets.  I had never actually sat and listened to a Circa song before, so this was my first time to really hear the music.  Their set was unbelievable.  At one point Anthony climbed onto the ceiling, crawled out over the crowd, and just dropped into the middle of all the madness.  The crowd was like crazed gazelles, and people kept screaming how in love they were with the band.  It was pretty intense.  Personally, I enjoyed the energy.  It’s interesting how that sort of thing effects you, even if it’s not directed at you.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the crowd’s frenzied desperation…. Half the time it induces extreme anxiety in me, and the other half, euphoria.  50-50 chance; elation or misery.

The moon was out of control tonight, like a giant flashlight.  If I had a telescope, it would of been perfect.  White sands stays open late during full moons.  I’ve never been during the night, but I bet the light distribution is captivating.  It’s on my list of things to do.

One of my absolute favorite places to read is located here.  It’s called Atticus Tea House (even named after a character in my favorite book!!!).  They sell new and used books and make a proper tea (with lemon curd and cream and brown sugar cubes and scones…. Mmmmm, focus, Cols, focus!)  and they have all these couches arranged everywhere.  It’s beautiful.  Can’t wait to spend some time there tomorrow.    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good book recommendations… always looking for something new.


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  1. monkeybird says:

    Colleen, how I love you so. If you come to dallas more we can dedicate days to book reading/scouring and tea sipping.. Thinking of that is already making me smile! & Not much makes me smile these days. Also, I love the circa pictures.. Fucking awesome.. And again, I love you a lot.. See you super soon.

    / monkeybird

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