shoot local!

I love traveling more than anything, but I love shooting local shows too.  There’s something to be said for being in a room with 50 of the same kids that were at a show last week, everyone knowing everyone.  Our local scene is small, but it’s home.  Last week we had The Red Chord and mychildren, my bride at The War Legion.  I’m so grateful for this venue… it’s hosting some legit shows and helping to revive some sort of music scene here.  Here are some of my shots from The Red Chord’s set.  I’d never seen them live and let me tell you, it was crazy and loud and awesome and all over the place.  I left the venue with giant bruises on both sides of my hips from being thrown into the stage from all the moshing and “dancing” going on behind me… it was a dynamic crowd 😉 

I’m walking in a runway show on Thursday.  I’ll always love the modeling side of my job… for as long as I can, of course.  It’s a whole different world, one that will eat you alive if you aren’t absolutely sure of who you are and what you represent.  Don’t compromise because someone tells you you aren’t good enough… chances are good that you actually are, and they are just bitter from being told that they weren’t.  Well, that, or you actually do just really, really suck 😉

I’m thinking about staying up for 3 days straight, and seeing what comes out of my delirium.  It’s like drugs, but free and with no nasty addiction risk… haha.  But seriously, why it is that I’m most inspired when I’m miserable?  It’s really backwards, and it keeps me from being able to write happy songs.  Maybe someday I’ll figure it out……  for now, enjoy photos from The Red Chord, and check out their music at…. and then buy one of their CDs 🙂


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